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Official MT Permit Practice Tests: What to Expect
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Montana Driver's License
Montana Driver's License

Unsure of what’s on the written knowledge test? Put a game plan together and start preparing with our Montana permit practice test. The Montana Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) written knowledge test includes 33 questions and you will need to answer 27 of the questions correctly to receive a passing score. Our practice tests were created to ensure that you not only pass your exam but are well-informed about the laws and practices that lead to safe driving.

The MT permit practice tests will test your knowledge of the rules of the road and provide essential information you need to navigate Montana’s wide, open roads. The practice test will introduce you about topics like:

  • Signs, Signals, & Markings
  • Speed Limits
  • School Zone Safety Standards
  • Railroad Crossings
  • Avoiding Distracted Driving
  • Sharing the Road with Others

Whether you want to go hiking in Glacier National Park or skiing down Whitehead Mountain, you’ll need a driver’s license to experience the best of Big Sky Country. You can obtain your driver’s license with careful preparation with the right materials. Use the MT Driver Manual as a reference guide to build your knowledge. Then, use our Montana permit practice tests to gauge your performance on the actual test.

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