VT Permit Practice Test

Based on the 2023 VT DMV Manual

Permit Practice Tests (360 questions)

Vermont Permit Test FAQ

Applying for Your VT Permit

When can I apply for a learner's permit in Vermont?

You can apply when you are 15 years old.

What are the requirements to get my learner's permit?

You will need to pass a written knowledge test along with a vision test. You also must have no violations recorded with the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles in the past two years. When you receive your permit, you must have a licensed driver who is at least 25 years old seated in the front seat with you.

How many questions are on the Vermont permit test?

There are 20 questions on the test.

How many questions must I answer correctly to pass?

You must answer at least 16 questions correctly to pass the test.

How should I prepare for the Vermont permit test?

We recommend that you study for the exam. One of the best ways to study is to take multiple online practice exams that feature real sample questions from the test. Ready to assess your current driving knowledge? Click on the following link to take a Vermont practice permit test.

Where do I take the Vermont permit test?

The Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles (VT DMV) licenses drivers. Visit https://dmv.vermont.gov/Junior-Drivers-License for more information.

How much does the Vermont permit test cost?

Total fees equal $45.

What can I expect on test day?

You will need to show proof of age, identity and residency and you will also need to have a parent or guardian sign your application. At the local DMV office, you will need to pass the written knowledge test and a vision test to receive your Learner’s Permit.

The Green Mountain State beckons outdoor enthusiasts from all over. Spend a summer in Vermont kayaking on Lake Champlain or drive through in late September/early October to catch the incredible transition to fall foliage. Of course, you’ll need your driver’s license to unlock all the treasures the majestic state of Vermont has to offer. All Vermont residents 15 years of age or older that are looking to become licensed drivers must first pass the state required written test. More commonly known as the Vermont permit test, passing the test has posed a real challenge with state statistics revealing that over 50% of applicants fail. Fortunately, we’ve created a powerful collection of study tools to help you on your path towards earning your driver’s license. The state of Vermont has published the Vermont drivers handbook and we have included the official copy below. The handbook is filled with important chapters on safe driving, rules of the road, and Vermont traffic laws. When you feel you are done with the handbook, its time to test your knowledge with our Vermont Permit Practice Tests. Just like the real exam, these practice tests include questions based on the very same source as the real test. Its time to prepare. Let’s go.

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