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Official SC Permit Practice Tests: What to Expect
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South Carolina Driver's License
South Carolina Driver's License

You’re getting ready to claim your independence, but there’s one thing standing in your way: The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles’ beginner’s permit exam. It’s the first hurdle on the path to becoming a licensed driver, but don’t think that means it’s easy. According to state statistics, 50% of students fail this test on their first attempt. Don’t let this happen to you.

Get ready with our interactive South Carolina permit practice test, featuring 40 multiple choice questions on the rules of the road, state traffic laws, and road signs. You will need to answer a minimum of 80 percent of the questions correctly to achieve a passing score. But don’t worry, the practice test includes powerful features like unlimited attempts and detailed answer explanations. Make your study session count by only zeroing in on the areas that need a second look.

There are many ways you can prepare, but few are as effective as our proven study materials. With these powerful study aids, you’ll be armed with everything you’ll need to get past the permit exam and get in the driver’s seat. So don’t put it off any longer. Your independence is waiting. Start today!

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