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Delaware Driver's License
Delaware Driver's License

Do you know the speed limits in the business and residential districts of Delaware? Do you know the right of way rules when approaching an emergency vehicle with lights or sirens displayed?  Get the answers to questions just like these with Delaware permit practice test four.  Featuring 40 additional questions based on the material found in the relevant chapters of the Delaware driver’s handbook.  You can expect questions on the rules of the road, including:

  • How to Safely Pass Other Drivers
  • Road Sign Identification
  • Navigating Intersections
  • Pavement Markings
  • Dealing With Emergency Situations
  • Driving in Adverse Weather.

A drive through the First State is unlike any other, and you can travel from one end to the other in under two hours! Travel the boardwalks of Rehoboth Beach and experience the tranquility of the Brandywine Valley on the same day. A driver’s license is all you need to access Delaware’s special places.

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